Active Cycle Coaching

Cycle coaching is for any cyclist who wants to improve. Whether you are a novice cyclist wanting to develop your confidence or an experienced cyclist wanting to improve your technique or train for a specific event, Active Cycle Coaching can help you.

Active Cycle Coaching offers group cycle training sessions. Confidence building sessions for novices are held in Edinburgh and tailored sessions for clubs or other groups can be arranged to meet your requirements.

I am a British Cycling Level 2 Cycling Coach and an experienced road cyclist. I am also Club Coach for Hervelo Cycling.

The intrepid Hervelo Hill Climbers

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Training and Technique

Turbo Time: Which Turbo Trainer?

There is a huge range of turbo trainers now available and the choice can be bewildering when you are trying to decide which turbo trainer to buy. Essentially all turbo trainers do the same thing – they turn your bike into an ‘exercise bike’ which Read More …

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Turbo Time: Getting Set Up

There is sometimes a fine line between want and need. Getting set up with a turbo trainer involves a fair number of decisions on what you want and what you need. This can be a tricky process because what you need to turbo is very Read More …

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Turbo Time

I have something of a love / hate relationship with my turbo trainer. I hate the turbo: To me, cycling is all about freedom. There is nothing free about riding to nowhere in the garage. It can be oh so boring. When I am on Read More …

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Descending: The Wisdom of Keith

Descending I absolutely love descending. My approach to descending is possibly best described as kamikaze. I have no idea why, but going downhill fast on a road bike is something that causes me very little fear. I recently attended a coaching session and the coach Read More …

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Climbing: The Wisdom of Bob

Climbing hills is absolutely not my favourite aspect of cycling (descending is, I only excuse hills from going up because they obligingly go down again). I am getting to be on better terms with uphill as my technique has improved, however. Now, on the few Read More …

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