Chilling Out in the Snow

Today has been our third snow day. The school and nursery have been shut since Wednesday and there has been no chance of getting out by bike or car. Feet and sledges have been the only way to get about.

The world seems to have ground to a halt. And I for one, have really enjoyed it.

Enough snow to build a snow cave

As a stay at home mum, I do not have a job to battle my way in to. With the schools closed (and the libraries and the sports centres), there is nowhere particular the kids need to get to. We are also fortunate that my husband can work from home when the weather is this bad.

So, we have all been pretty much cooped up in the house for three days.

Usually, this is a recipe for bickering and arguments, but it has in fact been very relaxed. The children have played really well together with stickers, train track and lego. Hours and hours of lego. Today I even spent an hour lying on the sofa, reading a book while they played.

‘Mr No Head’. My three year old’s creation. Sometimes her imagination worries me!

This made me wonder why. Why were my children not fighting? Why were they so relaxed?

And then I realised, it was because I was so relaxed. I was not racing about trying to get shopping done and meals cooked and packed lunches made and the house tidied. There was nothing on so there was nothing to rush to be on time for. I am still getting over a virus so am staying off the turbo trainer for another few days. There was absolutely nothing we had to do.

So life slowed down for a few days and it was lovely. We baked, we did yoga, we drew pictures, we threw snowballs and went sledging.

I’m sure most folk make snow angels whilst lying face up.

When the snow clears, I need to remember this feeling. I need to remember how relaxed everyone was when I was relaxed.

I am not a huge fan of lots of classes and activities for young children. We go to a few but I am very conscious of not ‘over-scheduling’ our lives. But still, life sometimes seems like one long rush. I think I need to remind myself to slow down and relax. We are very rarely late for anything because I hate being late. But if we are late just once in a while, it probably isn’t the end of the world. And it probably isn’t worth shouting about.

For the time being…a little bit more snow probably wouldn’t be a disaster.

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