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  1. Karen Gee says:

    Welcome back! Been missing your blogs – hope things start to get better soon – please don’t give up. Don’t listen to those who don’t have anything constructive to say. There’s plenty of us out here who love what you’re doing. Karen

  2. I share your down sentiment at times. It IS challenging to parent and run a small business, for me at least. Some times I look at my husband, who gets to go to a formal workplace every day, frequently gets feedback, usually constructive and positive, and I miss that validating of my path in the world. I so rarely get that in my current roles. It often feels like an uphill battle and it especially bites when negativity comes from other women, and mothers, or members of the school community. But then something happens, a reader reaches out, I meet a new cargo biking family who is where they are because something they read on my blog helped to light a fire to make change, or I count more bikes at the racks at school than normal, and it all feels worth it. All this to say, you’re not alone and I really love when you do get the chance to write. Your pieces are always thoughtful and introspective in a way that makes me feel like I am not alone, which helps to bolster my confidence and soldier on! Keep being awesome!

  1. August 2, 2020

    […] the amazing stories of Annie Londonderry and Alfonsina Strada. More recently I discovered more awesome women in researching the history of the Women’s Tour de France. I love to read and have just […]

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