Cycling UK Stevenage

Club Name:

Cycling UK Stevenage

Where are you based?

Stevenage – meeting at several points around the area.

Cycling Disciplines:

Mostly road cycling but not racing. We also offer regular non-technical off-road rides.

What is your club ethos?

We are a friendly group. We undertake to not drop riders (understanding that we grade our rides-so if a beginner turns up to a 60 mile ride they would be asked not to ride). We run rides from 5 miles up to well over 100 miles.

What is the best thing about your club?

We have a good mix of women, men, BAME and LGBTQ riders. We welcome young and old from 18 months to well over 80 years! The variety of rides we offer makes this possible. Many of our rides go to cafes and pubs for refreshments.

What club rides do you run?

We run easy starter rides on Saturday, longer rides on Sunday, and also some middle distance 2 hour spins on Sundays. Wednesday evening pub rides and (summer) Friday evening pub rides

Do you wait for dropped riders / mechanicals on some or all of your rides? 

Yes. Except on very long rides where you would be expected to know your level and be able to handle the distance.

What is the minimum standard you would expect from new club riders?

We grade our rides to help riders decide what would suit them best. We always suggest new people come along to the Saturday rides first to learn how we work. These are up to 15 miles long with a cafe stop and the speed will be set by the slowest rider.

We work together with a local cycle hub that runs rides up to 10 miles so you could start with a 4 mile cycle route ride (hub), and progress through to the 10 miles (hub) and then join the starter ride (club).

Longer rides will be faster but the ride leader will always be aware of new riders and try to support you.

What do you expect riders to bring on club runs?

Spare inner tube, money and emergency contact details. Our ride leaders will carry tools and be able to repair the basics but will not carry spares for anyone else’s bike.

You are also responsible for carrying any medication or other stuff you may need.

Are bikes other than road bikes acceptable on any rides?

Yes. We only ask that a bike is road worthy (working brakes and tyres pumped up).

Aspects of cycling the club is involved in:

Social runs

Organising Audax/challenge rides

Taking part in sportives/Audax/challenge rides

Occasional train assisted rides

Do you run club social events?

We run several additional social events (BBQ, curry night, pizza night, Christmas/presentation meal) which non cycling family members can also join.

Number of members (roughly):

We are a local group of a national body (Cycling UK). Our mailing list is over 700 people!! But regular riders number 60-100

Current percentage of female members:

Our membership is about 25% but on our virtual bike week event recently 45% of riders were logged by ladies!

Do you have a women’s development officer?

No not specifically, however the current Chair, Welfare Officer and Social Secretary are all female.

Please give details of any projects you have or are running to support and encourage women.

We have just been granted funds for a community engagement project but it is not targeted specifically at women.

Do you also have a children’s / youth section / Go Ride club?

No – though the cycle hub is setting one up.

Do you offer opportunities for members to train as coaches, ride leaders, etc?


Website / social media / etc:


Twitter: @Stevenagectc

Facebook: Cycling UK Stevenage

Joining Information:

Membership is through Cycling UK national we welcome you to try a ride or two before joining.

Contact details:


Phone: 07775 538830

Information last updated:

July 2020

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