Failing To Follow the Women’s Professional Peloton

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you’re a redditor at all please consider joining us on r/peloton to follow the pro races. We have some dedicated and seriously knowledgeable fans of the women’s peloton there and usually have discussion threads for races or at least results if there is no coverage. Check out for some great info on women’s racing and riders too

    • Diana says:

      Thanks very much for the comment. My husband is also a Reddit addict and mentioned the group. I don’t use it at the moment, but will definitely take a look. I will also look up ProCyclingUK. Thanks

  2. Karen Gee says:

    Hi Diana – I’m in the same camp as you – it’s something I feel I ought to know a lot more about, but I’m not in the circles where it’s easy to find out. The few times I’ve watched women’s cycling, either live or on TV I really enjoy it, but I would struggle to find the time to do this more frequently. I do feel warying when I feel I “ought” to do something – rather than “want” to, but again feel I need to be promoting this now, so the next generation of female cyclists through hopefully have an easier ride.
    If you write, I’ll read and share! Karen

  3. Doug H says: is the go to website for women´s pro cycling. It is entirely about women´s cycling and is not a sub-section of a general cycling site. They make videos, podcasts and you can sign up for a weekly email of the latest news. Those behind it include commentators and ex-pros and so are very well connected in the cycling world.

    • Diana says:

      I have just discovered Voxwomen and am really impressed – it’s brilliant. I will definitely be following them and have signed up to newsletters. I am also really keen to help promote them. Thanks

  4. Vicki says:

    Hi Diana. A great blog post and move to watch women’s cycling. I agree Voxwomen is doing great stuff in this space. Having been a pro cyclist many moons ago, and now DS there was always a lot if talk about increasing women’s teams sponsorship. It’s multifactorial as you say. But one if the big ones, in my opinion us getting women in gebwralqarchibg more women’s sport! A big factor why women’s golf and tennis are well funded.:) our team in Sydney…Sydney University Stsminade do a lot if great stuff on Instagram and social media these days to extend our reach.

    • Diana says:

      Thanks for the comment. It is a bit chicken and egg – it’s hard to find it to watch, so not many women watch, so it doesn’t get much coverage, so it’s hard to find it to watch…. I would love to see some kind of alerts for when any women’s cycling is being shown anywhere so we all remember to watch. Not sure if this is being done by anyone yet or to go about setting it up, but it would definitely help me!

  5. Patrick says:

    A couple of tips:

    The GCN Racing channel on YouTube has archived coverage (highlights and full stages) of recent women’s races. They seem to be pretty committed to increasing the amount they show, so once racing starts up in the real world they should have a lot of the World Tour races available either live or as highlights (depending on broadcast rights). Their weekly racing news roundup is also pretty balanced in its inclusion of women’s results and related stories (transfers, team sponsorships,…).

    Most women’s teams, especially the smaller ones, engage a lot with Twitter as a way of building the fanbase. Among other things, this will let you know who is riding what races and probably where you can see it. The likes of Drops, Paule Ka (ex Bigla-Katusha), Tibco and CCC-Liv are all active, as are some of those with joint male/female squads, such as Sunweb and Trek-Segafredo.

    Overall access to races should get much easier, as I believe live TV coverage in some form is now a UCI requirement for a women’s race to have World Tour status. The momentum is there, and even the pandemic doesn’t seem to have set it back too much. Just make sure to be ready for October 25th, and the first ever women’s Paris-Roubaix!

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