Get Who Pedalling?

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  1. Mary says:

    I’ve not been on a bike in 30 years but am now faced with a 57 minute walk to my elderly parents or to get on a bike (google promises me on a bike it will be 20 mins). And I think you are right the lycra clad bloke is off putting. I spoke to my brother a seasoned cyclist around Cambridge and he cycled across Ethopia with his bride on honeymoon! But he was really refreshing and encouraging. Pointing out that an old fashioned bike was often the most comfortable, to make my first trips out as easy as possible, to train up and remember to go at a slow and steady pace would still be masses quicker than walking. I’ve also got health issues and it was very helpful. He also gave me immensely practical advice about chosing a bicycle.

    • Diana says:

      That’s fantastic to hear. Wonderful advice from your brother. Take your time, enjoy the fresh air and exercise. Let me know how you get on.

  2. Rachael says:

    As a newbie back on my bike after a good few many years I so relate to your article. The cycling gang can be very intimidating and in time I hope to ride more. But at the moment I’m happy to get out the house, ride with my family. As much as I love to ride more for transportation, I’m a Brit now living in Canada and live rurally. Looking forward to being able to join a women’s riding group in the future.

    • Diana says:

      There is so much more to cycling than ‘cyclists’! That’s great that you are back on a bike. Do it your way and enjoy it!!

  3. Julia says:

    The main thing is indeed to keep the momentum and I’m swinging between extremes of “going back to worse as before (because no one wants to use trains or buses)” and “finally on our way to decent infrastructure”.
    I’m hoping that all those people that have over the years found it incredulous that you can have children and not use a car will slowly realise this is true and a few of them make the change. Or not even change – addition of a bike is a good start.

    How is it going in Edinburgh? I’ve been reading jealously that measures are being put into place. In Clacks there’s not much happening although there was a lot less traffic to begin with…

    • Diana says:

      I’ve not seen much progress in Edinburgh, but to be fair I don’t go anywhere! There has been one road closed to traffic near me in order to provide space for walking and cycling, however this does appear to be something of a token gesture. The road in question was one way to cars and 2 ways to bikes anyway and runs parallel to a 4 lane main road….which most people have to cross to get to the closed road, yet there is no crossing and with the roads getting busier, this is now very difficult to cross. I’m trying to hang in there and see this as the start of more people travelling actively, but I have already heard of people put off by the increasing number of vehicles on the roads.

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