Glasgow Nightingale

Club Name:

Glasgow Nightingale

Where are you based?

North of Glasgow

Cycling Disciplines:

Road and track

What is your club ethos?


What is the best thing about your club?

The kit!

What club rides do you run?

Wednesday night APR: Wednesday night is a group chain gang covering around 20-30 miles at 17-22 mph, depending on the group.

Sunday club run: Sunday is a social ride

Do you wait for dropped riders / mechanicals on some or all of your rides?

On social rides people would help each other.

On the chain gang, not unless there is a crash.

What is the minimum standard you would expect from new club riders?

Friendly and open to advice and help.

Able to ride at speeds of 16 mph and above.

Cyclists should be self sufficient and have tools to fix repairs although others will help if required.

What do you expect riders to bring on club runs?

Its up to individuals to decide what to bring .

Are bikes other than road bikes acceptable on any rides?

Road or gravel bikes generally, but it is up to individuals what they ride.

Aspects of cycling the club is involved in:

Social runs

Chaingang sessions

Organising races

Competing in races

Taking part in sportives- individual choice

Do you run club social events?

We have a social committee.

Number of members (roughly):


Current percentage of female members:


Do you have a women’s development officer?


Please give details of any projects you have or are running to support and encourage women.

None at present.

Do you also have a children’s / youth section / Go Ride club?


Do you offer opportunities for members to train as coaches, ride leaders, etc?


Website / social media / etc:


Joining Information:

Join through the club page on the British Cycling website

Information last updated month and year completed:

July 2020

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