As a cyclist my health has always been important to me. Feeling fit and healthy is a part of who I am. For me there is nothing better than feeling fast and fit out on my road bike.

As with many women (and men) my interest in health has often centred around my diet and my weight. With young children in the house, finding a healthy diet to suit everyone has its challenges. This doesn’t get any easier when I decide to make (sometimes ill-judged) drastic changes and then change my mind.

With so much of my daily transport – including the school run – done by bike I do have a habit of taking a degree of fitness for granted. However, as I have got older, I have found myself facing the challenges of dodgy knees and erratic hormones. With no intention of ever giving up cycling, I am learning to adapt.


Life After 40

I find it hard to accept that I am in my 40’s…and I’m 44 so I’ve had plenty of time to get used to it. It’s not that I’m unhappy with where my life...

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Made to Measure

I have been a fan of Garmin cycle computers for a long time. I like to measure what I am doing. Sometimes this is because I am actually tracking improvement (or lack of improvement),...

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Falling Off The Wagon

So much for giving up alcohol, caffeine and sugar. In my defence, the run up to Christmas was never going to be the best time for such substantial lifestyle changes. After all, what is...

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The Queen of Quitting Sugar?

A while ago I wrote about giving up some of my favourite things in search of a healthy lifestyle. Time for an update on quitting sugar. Other People’s Opinions When I mention that I...

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Everything in Moderation?

I have always had an interest in healthy eating and I consider myself to have a pretty good diet. I have spent a fair bit of the past three years losing the ‘baby weight’...

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Knowing my limits

I have now reached the age where I say things like “you feel immortal when you are in your teens and twenties”. The age where slight aches and pains make me wonder if I...

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Keeping up Appearances

Cycling and appearance has been making the news at the moment. Chris Hoy declared in his new GQ style article that: ‘professional cycling gear generally looks awful on pretty much anyone heavier than eight...

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Winning the Weight Loss Challenge

I’ve posted a couple of times this year about weight loss and me. About losing weight after pregnancy and about the culinary challenges I now find myself facing. Time for an update and the...

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Culinary Challenges

To Diet or Not To Diet? I’m watching ‘How to Lose Weight Well’ while I type. I have no experience using any of the ‘fad diet’ approaches to losing weight. I don’t think I...

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Weighty problems

New Year seems like an appropriate time to talk about weight loss. Weight can be a touchy subject so I had maybe better add a disclaimer. I am writing about my personal experiences with...

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