Lycra in the Playground

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  1. Jane says:

    How nice it must be to be able to buy all that kit just to take your children to school. I suppose a double pushchair never occurred to you? We can’t even afford a car, so we have to walk. Luckily I have two young children who get on really well with each other.

    • Diana says:

      Hi Jane. Thanks for your comment. I am indeed very fortunate. That’s great that your two get on so well – it makes life so much easier, and is lovely to see siblings enjoying each other’s company.

    • Ijon Tichy says:

      Alternatively, given that the author can afford the cycling gear, what a great way to use a necessary journey to share something you love doing with your children, whilst also building exercise into your day and demonstrating that there are practical alternatives to driving everywhere.

      Walking is great too, but different journeys may require different modes of transport and a cargo bike is likely to be a lot cheaper than a car.

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  5. June 28, 2020

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