My new old bike

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  1. Emma says:

    “Without cycling, I realised how much I am a cyclist. Riding bikes is a part of me. I had to find a way to find the time. A five hour cycle may now be a luxury, but a one hour cycle is a necessity. I need that time for me.”
    That’s me too. I’m working on getting back to my regular 1-hour cycle and am finding that I enjoy having that time to myself in a way I never thought I could or would when all my spare hours were spent riding, usually with friends.
    The Liv is a great bike. One of my (old) bike mates (one of the ones I can’t keep up with anymore) just got one too and she is totally smitten!

    • Diana says:

      Brilliant! I miss the long rides but just have to keep remembering that 4 1 hour cycles a week is far better than no 4 hour rides a week!

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