Penge Cycle Club

Club Name:

Penge Cycle Club

Where are you based?

Penge, South East London. (SE20 Cycles shop)

Cycling Disciplines:

Mainly road cycling

Track cycling (Herne Hill Velodrome not far away)

Mountain biking

If it’s on 2 wheels someone in the club will be doing it! Watch our video to see more. 

What is your club ethos?

Have fun. Enjoy cycling at your own level.

What is the best thing about your club?

Everyone is accepted, whatever their cycling ability. Age and gender make no difference. If you want to progress there will be plenty of encouragement and advice, but there is also no pressure.

What club rides do you run?

Weekly rides on Sunday mornings leaving between 7.45 and 8.15. All rides have a leader who is not necessarily qualified – the main purpose of the leader is to know the route and make sure nobody gets left behind.

  • Steady Ride: Typically 24-27 miles in around 4 hours, average speed 10-11 mph. Suitable for those new to club / group riding. The routes avoid the more challenging hills in the area.
  • Short 1: Typically 30-35 miles in 4½ hours, average speed 11-12 mph. Suitable for improving riders who have outgrown the steady ride but are not confident they can keep up with the next level. The same routes as the medium paced short 2, 3,& 4, but with a bit more stopping and slightly slower.
  • Short 2: Typically 30-35 miles in 2½ to 3 hours, average speed 12-13 mph. Suitable for most fit riders, challenge yourself on all the hills that the local Kent countryside has to offer.
  • Short 3: Typically 30-35 miles in  3 hours, average speed 13-14 mph. Suitable for most fit riders, challenge yourself on all the hills that the local Kent countryside has to offer.
  • Short 4: Typically 30-35 miles in 2½  hours, average speed 15–16 mph. Brisk, with a few stops to re-group, this should be a ride which Short 3 riders can step up to when they want a tougher workout. It is still a social ride where the group stays together.
  • Short 5: Typically 30-35 miles in 2½ hours, average speed 17+ mph. An ad-hoc ride that is self-led. It is for small groups of experienced, fast riders who are in a hurry.
  • Long 1: Typically 50 miles in around 5½ hours, average speed 11-12 mph. Suitable for those who want to do a longer distance at a more relaxed pace. Stops for refreshments.
  • Long 2: Typically 45-55 miles in around 5 hours, average speed 13-14 mph. Can include some technical sections and steep hills.
  • Long 3: Typically 45-55 miles in around 4½ hours, average speed 15-16 mph. Can include some technical sections and steep hills.
  • Long 4: Typically 60-75 miles, average speed 16-17 mph depending on terrain. 4½ to 5 hours. This is a social ride for fast riders.
  • Long 5: Typically 60-75 miles, average speed 18+ mph depending on terrain. 4½ to 5 hours.

Other rides are organised during the week on an ad hoc basis.

There is a regular “shop run” on Thursday evenings – so-called because it starts at SE20 Cycles, the bike shop at the centre of the club (as do all rides!)

Do you wait for dropped riders / mechanicals on some or all of your rides?

Yes. Always, on all rides.

What is the minimum standard you would expect from new club riders?

You should be able to ride around 25 miles at 10-11 mph with about 1200 ft of climbing. Ideally you should also be able to fix your own punctures, however there is usually somebody to help.

What do you expect riders to bring on club runs?

Spare inner tube, levers and pump. Money for refreshments. Phone preferable in case you get separated from the group. Helmets are compulsory.

Are bikes other than road bikes acceptable on any rides?

Yes. There are plenty of hybrids, trail bikes etc in the slower groups.

Aspects of cycling the club is involved in:

Social runs

Coached sessions for adults (in the planning stages)

Coached sessions for children

Organising races – club time trial and track races

Competing in races – various local events, such as Catford Hill Climb

Organising community rides – the annual Tour de Penge is well known and well attended

Taking part in sportives – club members organise to go to sportives in groups

Annual training camp in Spain

Club trips to take part in, such as the Tour of Flanders

Do you run club social events?

Regular Friday night “meet in the pub”. Christmas party. Summer barbeque.

Number of members (roughly):

500 +

Current percentage of female members:


Do you have a women’s development officer

No (the Rider Development Officer is currently a woman)

Please give details of any projects you have or are running to support and encourage women.

We have links to Breeze rides.

Do you also have a children’s / youth section / Go Ride club?

Go Ride

Do you offer opportunities for members to train as coaches, ride leaders, etc?

There are opportunities for members to train as coaches.

Any other information you would like to share:

The club has evolved over 10 years, and welcomes everyone. Women are regarded as equals, and there are some extremely good female cyclists in the club. It is great to see that the men accept this. Members are brilliant at supporting and encouraging each other.

The club is supported by Elite Cycling, which provides coaching, bike fits, and turbobeat sessions to club members at reduced rates.

Website / social media / etc:


Facebook: Penge Cycle Club

Twitter: @PengeCycleClub

Joining Information:

Membership is £15 pa (£7.50 for over 60’s, students and unwaged). Riders must have third party liability insurance. This is included in the British Cycling membership fee and most members belong to BC.

New riders can do three rides before joining.

Places on rides have to be booked. There is a maximum of 12 riders per group It is recommended that you start with the Steady ride unless you are very confident. Details on how to book are on the website

Contact details


Information last updated:

July 2020

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