Pink Brain / Blue Brain?

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  1. Julia says:

    I think you’ve answered your own question and very well! I don’t need encouragement to cycle in general but there is definitely a need as you’ve found. But your more specialised offerings are just easier and more comfortable if they’re women-only!
    As for children – I absolutely abhorred pink and I’m glad I don’t have a daughter where I would have had to make those decisions. It’s not only up to you – the whole environment is influencing children and they’re probably not prepared to go against everybody else.

  2. Hi mummysgoneacycle I think your story is absolutely valid and it needs to be understood that society doesn’t grant women the same freedoms as men (time away from young children) or the confidence to cycle alone. It is really important to recognise the complexities that women face in finding time for fitness. Sadly we still live in uneven and gendered times. Ok so you painted your sons room blue and your daughter’s pink- I did the same. They are now pale grey and lilac grey! If we don’t have this dialogue, with others and ourselves, we are never going to get out of our houses or workspaces so I salute you. Get out there, take up space and make some noise. If someone doesn’t like you, good, so what? The other 51% are female. We understand.

  3. Rob Nicholson says:

    The whole pink for girls and blue for boys thing is an interesting social construct. And it used to be the other way round:
    In the pre-industrial era clothes that were dyed red faded to pink anyway and red was definitely considered the colour of aggression and of martiality – a soldiers colour. So if you were a soldier wearing a redcoat that had faded to pink you were a long lived soldier and therefore quite a successful one.

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