Queensbury Queens of the Mountain Cycling Club

Club Name:

Queensbury Queens of the Mountain Cycling Club

Where are you based? 

Queensbury, Bradford. We have members from Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds and Bradford.

Cycling Disciplines:

Road Cycling and mountain bike.

We have had some road and cyclocross racing Queens but once they get the bug they tend to join a specific racing team

What is your club ethos?

  • To be an inclusive and accessible club for women of all abilities.
  • To represent women of all abilities and to promote women’s cycling.
  • To organise and support events for all members and the larger community.
  • To develop the skills and abilities of all members, and to grow club capacity.

What is the best thing about your club?

While cycling is at our core we are so much more to our members.

We have a few spin off groups that have come up as people discuss their needs and interests. For example we have a frazzled café to help people’s mental health, a garden group, an outdoor swim group, a pilates group and a triathlon group.

During the Covid-19 lockdown we have supported each other, helped those shielding, and shown key workers kindnesses like cake and food deliveries. While we have not been able to run group rides – recognising that it is not always easy getting motivated to go out on your own – we have held photo challenges to give a purpose to walks and cycles. We have also held club quizzes and we now have a Zoom account for members to use.

What club rides do you run?

We run a regular club ride on Wednesday evenings.

We also run Saturday Socials. Every second Saturday is very much for steady riders on a mostly traffic free route. The last Saturday of the month includes a cobbled hill climb but is aimed at all abilities and we split up as we need but no one is dropped.

In addition to these rides, we encourage anyone to put on a club ride on our Team App calendar for all other times as we know not everyone can make the regular club times.

We run four categories of rides: steady, chasers, catchers and speedsters. Members often switch between these groups depending on their fitness, training needs and time availability.

Do you wait for dropped riders / mechanicals on some or all of your rides?

 Yes, on all rides.

In the event of a major mechanical which cannot be fixed on the roadside, we will make sure the rider is able to get home before leaving them. Often a call out on the club page will result in another Queen rescuing them if they don’t know anyone available.

What is the minimum standard you would expect from new club riders?

We ask that new riders choose the ride ability suitable for them carefully, and opt for lower end if in any doubt. We live in a very hilly area of the country so it is difficult to only use speed as a guide. Depending on the number and size of the climbs on a ride, the same group can produce very different average speeds.

The four ride categories mean there is a ride suitable for anyone who wants to join. We do not leave anyone behind.

The Steady group averages around 11mph for a ‘Flat’ ride (under 350ft of elevation per 10 miles) and 5-6mph for a very hilly ride (over 1,000ft of elevation per 10 miles).

The Speedster group rides average 17mph for a flat ride and 11-12mph for a very hilly ride.

Our Chaser and Catcher groups are somewhere in between the steady and speedster groups. 

If potential new members are unsure about their speed over different terrain, we suggest trying Strava to track some rides, or joining a Wednesday evening or Saturday Social ride where experienced members can give hints, tips and advice on which rides are most suitable.

We hope members are able to fix their own punctures or mechanicals. However, we don’t expect everyone to be able to manage this yet and there is no shame in not being able to replace a tyre. Between a group of us we can usually manage it. Some people have physical constraints (e.g. arthritis in their hands) and it is not a problem for the others on the ride to help out. We have also laid on a few bike maintenance and puncture repair sessions to help people gain skills in this area.

What do you expect riders to bring on club runs?

Drinks, lights (if required for time of year/ride), money, ICE details, spare tubes, and a first aid kit if they wish.

Are bikes other than road bikes acceptable on any rides?

Lots of members have hybrids and gravel bikes. Some have mountain bikes which they use for the road rides. We also allow e-bikes,

Aspects of cycling the club is involved in:

Social runs.

Coached sessions for adults – in conjunction with other clubs we’ve run a variety of coached sessions over the last few years.

Organising races – we’ve planned some time trials in conjunction with other local clubs.

Competing in races – local time trials, hill climbs, criterium races and winter turbo races. Racing is completely optional but even those who would never have thought they’d be any good have found they really enjoy them.

Organising sportives – in conjunction with a local charity, we partnered for first time last year and tripled their best ever amount raised.

Taking part in sportives – members attend a number of them.  One in particular is a women’s only sportive held in North Yorkshire which we do a camping weekend for.

Do you run club social events?

Yes. We run a variety of events including an annual awards ceremony, charity fundraisers like tabletop sales and cycling trips overseas.

We have a regular climbing challenge in October and a Miles for Summer Smiles in January to keep people cycling during the off season. These are personal challenges and participants have option to buy a mug each time for the climb, and a Queens branded item such as buff or power bank in the miles challenge.

Number of members (roughly):

164 at last count.

Current percentage of female members:


Do you have a women’s development officer?

We have a welfare officer and a new members’ officer on the committee.

Please give details of any projects you have or are running to support and encourage women:

Nothing specific at the moment though we are looking at why we don’t have a more ethnically diverse membership. We have many ages from 18 to 70+ but very few from BAME population and this is an issue we are keen to address.

Do you also have a children’s / youth section / Go Ride club?


Do you offer opportunities for members to train as coaches, ride leaders, etc?

This is something that we are launching this year. Two members are being given the opportunity for funded coach training.

Website / social media / etc:


We have a Facebook group that any woman can request to join without being a member. This currently has over 600 members.

We also have a public Facebook page that can be seen by anyone.

We also have a Twitter account  , Instagram (queensburyqueenscc) and TikTok (@queensburyqueens)

Joining Information:

£20 a year with renewal every September (if joining in July and August, membership will last till following September). Join via the club British Cycling page.

Potential new members can also request to join the Team App on a ride trial basis and have up to two rides with us before committing to joining. We use Team App for members only (due to the Facebook group being open to a wider audience) and this is where our ride calendar and any member news/committee minutes are shared. Members can log in and also receive emails with latest events and news from the App.

We have a Strava group for members.

Contact details:

Email: comms@qqom.co.uk

Information last updated:

June 2020

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