Racing Reflections

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  1. David says:

    Great stuff

    This chimes so much with many of my own thoughts about my own racing. I’ve had a shocking season in Men’s Cat 4, never finishing above 25th place. But who cares? It’s fun, safe compared to open roads, and everyone is always nice and helpful.

    Good luck in Cat 3 next year!

    • Diana says:

      Well done! The men’s races look really tough because of the numbers. That’s great that you have enjoyed it. See you at the Fife Cycle Park in 2019!!

  2. Alec johnson says:

    This was a great read and I can identify with nearly all that was said I did my first 3 crits this summer in my first I got dropped on the first corner! But I loved every second of it and I improved on each race I did keep up the good work and well done

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