Surely That Is Dangerous?

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  1. Les Johns says:

    I love your blogs Diana – stay with that bike!!!

  2. Peter Clinch says:

    Check out Tim Gill’s work, look for Rethinking Childhood as a website and Facebook page. It addresses this very well. Risk has benefits too.

    (btw, our kids were given an option on helmets but outside of racing never wore them, no clear evidence it makes them any safer, the sort of impact they’re designed for is the same as falling over in the playground. That’s on the triplet and their own bikes. One head impact in that time which was about as serious as… falling over in the playground)

  3. Where I live, in British Columbia, the stats show that it’s more than twice a dangerous to walk as it is to bike. Driving comes out as safest, but the differences between them is 1/3/7 fatalities in a HUNDRED MILLION kilometres travelled, So even if driving comes out as safer, they’re all only a tiny risk. Plus, that doesn’t account for the benefits to cycling: exercise which reduces risk of other diseases; kids who walk or bike tend to have better wayfinding skills & knowledge of their neighbourhood; the financial benefits of spending less on transportation; the social aspect of cycling–being able to say hello to people & chat as you ride, or stop to look at things more easily, plus all the interactions you have with people because of the big weird bike full of children. 🙂

  4. SH says:

    I started my son utility cycling with me when he was about 9. We didn’t have a car at the time, so it was a big part of getting about for us.
    I found it terrifying. Watching your precious child getting close passed is horrendous.
    One day on my way to work (so luckily son wasn’t with me), I got deliberately run over by a road rager. This has had a significant impact on how I use the roads on my bike and sad to say, I’ve never ridden on the roads with my son since. This was five years ago.

    We have a car now.

    • Diana says:

      That’s awful, I’m so sorry your confidence was taken. We really need to change the attitude on our roads. Nobody should be afraid to use their preferred mode of transport.

  5. William Keogh says:

    Riding on ice is riskier than I think most cyclists realise. At a cycle meeting I attended recently they showed NHS statistics for serious cyclist injuries (hospitalisation overnight or longer ) and falls on ice was the number 2 cause, only slightly behind collision with a motor vehicle.

    I’m a fan of studded tyres for winter commuting. They give reliable grip on any surface, so icy commutes become a much less anxious experience. Doubly so if you have precious cargo. They are a little slower, but it’s fine for commuting.

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