The Women On Bikes Project

I need your help!

group of women on bikesI want to create a huge gallery of images of women who cycle to change the image of women on bikes and show that cycling is for everyone. The aim is to show our incredible diversity and help women to recognise that somewhere out there there is a woman who looks like them, on a bike.

You do not need to be nominated and you do not need to be doing anything incredible to be a part of this gallery. You just need to be a woman who rides a bike sometimes.

Please be aware that the Mummy’s Gone A Cycle website makes no money and it is something I do as a hobby. I have no hidden agenda, nothing to sell and nobody paying me to promote their interests. I just want to encourage more women to ride bikes.

A few guidelines

  • Please email all submissions to
  • Images are named with a first name only. If you are not happy for your name to be published, you can always use an alias.
  • Images do not necessarily have to show you on a bike…but bear in mind that the aim is to show women who cycle!
  • By submitting an image, you give permission for it to be used by Mummy’s Gone A Cycle (please make sure you have the copyright to do this in the first place).
  • Images can be submitted alone, or with accompanying text. Text will be used to create a page (again headed with a first name) which will be accessed by clicking on your photo in the gallery.
  • If you would like links included on your page, please include these. These could be to a business, a project, a social media account, etc. but please keep it bike related and relevant to women. Please also let me know where you are geographically (this will be used to create a map of relevant businesses).
  • All ‘advertising’ through this is offered free of charge…a mention or two for Mummy’s Gone A Cycle in return would be fantastic!
  • I reserve the right to include links to relevant Mummy’s Gone A Cycle posts and pages within your page.
  • I also reserve the right to edit your writing (as I’m a bit of a stickler for style and grammar!)
  • If you are unhappy with your page as published, you can let me know and I will take it down.
  • If at any point you wish to leave the gallery, let me know and I will take your image / page down.
  • The women on bikes project is open to anyone who identifies as a woman.

You can also check out the gallery as it stands at the moment to see what others are contributing (bear in mind it is a work in progress!).

For all communication with me, please bear in mind that Mummy’s Gone A Cycle is a hobby which I fit around work, family and my own cycling – sometimes it takes me a while to reply.

I look forward to seeing your images and hearing all about your cycling. And please…SPREAD THE WORD!


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