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There is a huge amount of information out there on cycling (and parenting) in all its guises. These are some of the websites I have found most useful. The Facebook pages tend to be closed groups but are open to anyone with an interest (and obviously who follows the group’s guidelines) to join.


Pregnancy and Parenthood

There are literally thousands of websites with advice about parenting. Some are more helpful than others but it really depends on your personality and what you are looking for. These are websites I follow, but that doesn’t mean they are right.

Suzanne Zeedyk is a research scientist. She specialises in emotional development and attachment in babies and young children and how this affects brain development and behaviour.

Upstart campaigns for a kindergarten stage in Scottish schools and for a delay in formal schooling until seven years. The campaign is based on well established developmental principles.

Family Cycling

Cycle Sprog is a fantastic site for advice on all things related to children on bikes. If you want to find out about tagalongs or follow me’s or bike seats of the best childrens’ bikes, this is a great place to go.

The Family Cycling UK Facebook page is the place to go to ask questions about any aspect of family cycling. Whatever it is you are doing or want to do involving carrying children on bikes or children riding bikes, there will be someone on this fantastically friendly group who has done it already.

Womens’ Cycling

The Womens’ Cycle Forum Facebook page is the place to go to discuss any aspect of cycling from a female perspective. Again, a fantastically friendly page full of advise and information about what it going on.

The Scotland’s Women Cyclists Facebook page aims to ‘bring Scotland’s female cyclists together to promote involvement and encourage each other to progress’. This is a great place to find out about women’s bike racing in Scotland and beyond.

Hervelo is the cycle club I belong to. It is an Edinburgh based womens’ cycle club with two sections, the skinnies (road cyclists) and the mudhoneys (mountain bikers). I am the club coach for the road cyclists. The friendliest cycle club in Edinburgh!

Cycle Campaigning

Pedal On Parliament is a Scottish group campaigning to make Scotland a cycle friendly country. They organise annual mass rides and rallies to remind the Scottish Government about cyclists.

Cycling For Schools

Sustrans have a wealth of experience on cycling and other forms of active travel. They offer a range of resources for schools and organise the annual ‘Big Pedal’ cycling and scooting challenge and Bike To School Week. Sustrans also offer grant schemes for Cycle and Scooter parking and Safer Routes to School.

Active Links Learning is a company creating teaching resources to promote physical activity across the curriculum in primary schools. It is my company so it is obviously fantastic!

Diet and Lifestyle

Myfitnesspal is an app which I have found really helpful in losing the baby / chocolate milk weight since I have had children. It does have a premium paid service but I have only ever used the free version. Myfitnesspal is basically a calorie balancing tool. You tell it the calories you consume, the calories you burn and your weight loss (or gain) goals and it calculates a daily target for you.

I Quit Sugar contains a lot of interesting articles and recipes and is one place to start if you are thinking of giving up sugar. The aim of the site is ultimately to sell you their books and programs, which I have not personally used.

That Sugar Film is another great source of articles and recipes.


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