Velo Club Newport

Club Name:

Velo Club Newport

Where are you based?

Newport, Wales

Cycling Disciplines:

Road Cycling

What is your club ethos?

Velo Club Newport are currently a 70+ strong group of road cyclists, ranging in ability, but with a collective focus on improving performance without losing the social ‘coffee and cake’ atmosphere.

Currently we have a 3:1 bias in favour of men but strive to be 1:1. We are running training courses exclusively for women to help achieve that.

We provide opportunities for members to gain group cycling skills and road craft, prepare for sportives and build fitness. Our members take part in everything from 20 mile charity rides to 250 mile Audaxes, as well as plenty who are only in it for the cake stops on the weekend club runs!

Experienced cyclists are encouraged to get involved in helping to improve the rides and everyone is encouraged to bring friends along to try it out.

Rides are posted on our Facebook group for people to sign up to and are led by British Cycling qualified ride leaders or Breeze leaders.

What is the best thing about your club?

The friendly support for everyone. Male club members are incredibly supportive and encouraging of women into the club, with members happy to help with the women’s training courses. The communication within the club is very good with different message groups set up to ensure everyone knows what is going on. Rides are posted 2-3 weeks in advance to enable members to plan and pick which ride they want to do. 

What club rides do you run?

Sunday morning rides have three groups which aim to match the speed of riders and their routes to allow all the groups to meet for coffee. The faster groups go further or have more hills. Distance varies from 35-75 miles and speed 12-20 mph, depending on the group.

Twice a week in the evening we run chain gang rides around flat roads.

All rides continue throughout the year but are cancelled if there are weather warnings which would compromise safety.

In addition to the women’s courses we also have a public ride each month to allow potential members to get a feel for the club. This is a group 3 ride and is posted on the Let’s Ride British Cycling website. In addition, potential members can come on two trial rides if they contact us first so that we can support them.

Do you wait for dropped riders / mechanicals on some or all of your rides?

Always, whatever the rides. We have a ride leader & ride sweeper for each ride. If someone is in a faster group they can drop back into a slower group as the route often allows for this to happen. No one is ever left on their own. We always regroup at the top of hills or an agreed stop point regularly.

What is the minimum standard you would expect from new club riders?

Adults (18+) owning a road or hybrid bike with road bike tyres only.

As we have three groups it is easy for potential members to see which best suits them. We do ask that new members have ridden before or have a reasonable level of fitness. We can show members basic mechanics and how to do the M-check and this is covered on the women’s course as well.

What do you expect riders to bring on club runs?

Two spare inner tubes, tyre levers, and a pump minimum. Also a drink and snack. Money for coffee & cake, a phone and an extra layer of clothing in changeable weather are useful.

Are bikes other than road bikes acceptable on any rides?

Hybrid bikes are acceptable, but only with road tyres. Some members have considered electric bikes but as yet we haven’t got any members with one.

Aspects of cycling the club is involved in:

Social runs

Chain gang sessions

Training sessions (not coaching for insurance reasons)

Taking part in sportives and charity events

Holiday/weekend breaks – this year we are spending four days cycling in France on the Cotentin Penisula.

Do you run club social events?

Yes. We have a Social Secretary on the committee.

Number of members (roughly):


Current percentage of female members:


Do you have a women’s development officer?

Yes. Megan Evans who is also a Breeze Champion and runs regular Breeze rides of 35-50 miles locally.

Phone: 07853 164101


Please give details of any projects you have or are running to support and encourage women.

The women’s course is run on Saturday mornings over a 4 week period and club members, including men help with this to ensure integration if the course participants choose to join the club.

There is a Women’s representative on the committee and women members have their own chat group in addition to other club message groups.

Do you also have a children’s / youth section / Go Ride club?


Do you offer opportunities for members to train as coaches, ride leaders, etc?

Yes. We have ten British Cycling qualified Ride Leaders (Level 2) and are planning more. We have two Breeze Champions and one more who has a training place (cancelled because of Covid-19).

Any other information you would like to share:

We are very keen to attract and support women in cycling and 18 months ago we appointed a Women’s Rep as a full committee post. She also runs British Cycling Breeze rides regularly which can be a good entry point for women interested in cycling.

Website / social media / etc:


Facebook Public Page VC Newport.

Facebook Closed Group for members only.

Membermojo access for joining the club

Multiple Facebook Messenger groups to aid communication about rides and other activities.

Twitter Account: @VCNewport

Joining Information:

We have two categories of membership: full (£16pa) & second club (£10pa).

Second club is for members of other British Cycling affiliated clubs to join us without voting rights.

You can join online via our Membermojo link on our public Facebook page VC Newport.

For insurance purposes we allow a maximum of two taster rides.

We strongly recommend British Cycling Insurance through Ride, Race Silver, or above British Cycling membership

Contact details:

Megan Evans: 07853 164101.

Ian Wood (Secretary) 07767 474730.

Information last updated:

July 2020

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