What Am I Now?

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  1. Hi Diana – another great blog (and again spookily similar to the thoughts I often have going through my head!) The term “Portfolio Career” was made for people like us. There’s a growing movement of people disheartened by 9-5 “careers” who spend a fortune on self help books (4 hr Working Week and Entrepreneur Revolution are two I’ve read recently). If you read these, we’re the “New Rich” and those “Surfing the wave of a new way of working”. Most people will be hugely jealous of the lifestyle you’ve chose, and my guess is they’re not brave enough to follow you.
    Keep going!

  2. Lizzie says:

    Well said!!

    “I do not value my own work because it does not make much money.” It’s such a shame that so often work is only valued if it makes us money. I always remember listening to Any Answers one Saturday on Radio 4. I can’t remember what the subject was but a lady, an older lady, who had bought up 5 children, rang in to say that in the dictionary the meaning of work as something that earns us money comes quite far down the list of definitions.

  3. Tru says:

    This resonates so well with me, I’m not doing anything else aside from looking after my children but my interest in the eyes of people has completely changed because of it. A meal out with 5 long term friends and by the end everyone has asked how everyone else is doing and how their work is going and yet not once is the question asked of me, leaving me feeling that my life and what I do is of no consequence or worth and I am a lesser person because of it. My confidence in myself has eroded away because I feel in many ways I have ceased to be me. No-one really warns you about that side of motherhood when you choose to take away your paying job.

    • Diana says:

      Absolutely. It is so important to find ways to be yourself when you are at home with kids. I love being able to be with them full time but I reached a point where I felt that all I had become was ‘mum’. I needed to be me too.

      You are so right. There is so much nobody warns you about when you have kids!

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