When stress relief becomes stressful

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  1. Stephani Mok says:

    Please don’t stop commuting by cargo bike! Ur doing for all of us cycle commuters who are faced with daily perils and aggro on U.K. Roads

  2. Becky says:

    It’s nice to know that others feel like this, Sometimes I feel like the odd ball who travels by bike but I do love it and know it makes sense. I remember the girl who I saw who inspired me to start traveling by bike around town. Your blog posts help inspire people like me, we have to be the change 🙂

    • Diana says:

      Aw, thanks. You are totally right. We have to be the change by carrying on cycling….and by resisting the urge to be just as angry in response

  3. Gillian says:

    I know how you feel, we have to keep cycling to make it more of a norm. I commute in Edinburgh through the week and recently was abused by a driver shouting out the window and hemming me in driving on then blocking me again to shout abuse at me, why? Mistaken identity. He pulled up to me screaming out of the car did I have a death wish! Apparently he had just seen a woman cycling on Nicholson street with a similar top on who nearly went under a bus and he wanted to give her a piece of his mind?! I was scared and angry and I cried the rest of the way home. I kept thinking about the woman who had been on Nicholson street, whatever happened, she was probably shook up, how much more shook up would she be if on top of nearly having an accident, if this wee man was going to intimidate and shout her off the road. I went home a different way the next day as I know this guy lives on the street, he told me so as if I had no right to cycle down his street again. After a couple of days I am back on my usual route, can’t be put off by these fools.

    • Diana says:

      Wow! That’s awful!! Good for you getting back to your normal route. That sort of thing can stay with you for ages. I just have no idea why some folk think that have a right to behave like this.

  4. kamoteQ says:

    Can readily relate. Keep safe out there. Thanks.

  5. Clive says:

    I have a small Bluetooth speaker in my cargo trike that plays music as I go around. It has an interesting affect as it does warn people I’m near. I am trying to smile and say good morning. Where drivers are being idiots in 20 areas with one lane between two rows of parked cars I will take the lane in plenty of time and drivers do pull over. But I might be giving a whole series of confusing messages – older male on cargo trike maybe lumped with working van drivers .

    I am very aware that on roads and where it is busy I must concentrate but forget because I do get in the zone, especially since I have upgraded with e assist!

    What am I muttering on about? Yes in some ways we have to teach others how to behave properly, I know it isn’t our job but our lives are at stake and we can all do our,bit to make this a better world. We are all dead for a long time!

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