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As a woman in cycling I have got used to being in the minority. Things are changing slowly (very slowly) but at all levels there are still more men on bikes than women. I think we need to move away from talking about ‘women’s cycling’ as if it were a subset of ‘real’ cycling. Women should be a part of all cycling and we need the media and organisations involved in cycling to reflect this in all their images.

That said, there are issues in cycling which are specific to women. I am passionate about encouraging  more women to start cycling, to ride with clubs, to race, to fix their own bikes, to take their cycling wherever they want it to take them.

For those women who already love to cycle, there are women’s specific issues which can affect how we cycle and the place cycling holds in our lives.

There are also so  many awesome women and incredible female role models within cycling. There have been women on bikes doing awesome things since bikes were invented. Women such as Annie Londonderry, Alfonsina Strada and Beryl Burton who should be household names within and beyond the cycling community.


A Cycle Of Gender Inequality?

Last week I wrote about how fear of traffic is preventing some people from choosing to cycle for transport, and forcing them into their cars. It has proved to be one of my most...

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Seeing Is Believing

What do women who cycle look like? Clearly, this is a ludicrous question. It’s like asking what a chair looks like – chairs may well share a few common features, but chairs come in...

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Pink Brain / Blue Brain?

Pink Room / Blue Room There was no cycling for me yesterday. Instead I spent the day painting my daughter’s bedroom. I had promised to do this back in March but with Covid-29, lock...

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Where Is The Women’s Tour de France?

Vive Le Tour My husband got me into watching the Tour de France. He’s followed professional cycle racing for years and is a veritable mine of random information on Tour history. Up until recently,...

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Failing To Follow the Women’s Professional Peloton

Failing To Follow I love road cycling, but I don’t follow professional (pro) women’s road racing. This is something I have felt a bit bad about for quite a while, without doing anything about...

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Women in Club Cycling

What Is ‘Club Cycling’? To me ‘club cycling’ is about road cycling clubs, since that is what I personally do. These clubs are usually affiliated to British Cycling, usually have lycra club kit and...

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Life After 40

I find it hard to accept that I am in my 40’s…and I’m 44 so I’ve had plenty of time to get used to it. It’s not that I’m unhappy with where my life...

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What Is Women’s Cycling?

I started writing ‘What Is Women’s Cycling’ earlier this week. Then I deleted it all and started again. I wanted to write about the issues around women’s cycling, but I found that I had...

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Keep On Pedalling…Please

For many people, it takes riding a bike to realise how marvellous riding a bike can be. For years passionate bike enthusiasts have worked to encourage others to ride bikes, and this has had...

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Get Who Pedalling?

The current situation with Covid-19 is horrendous in so many ways. I am a big fan of looking on the bright side, but this has been hard to do lately. But there are glimmers...

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