Knowing my limits

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  1. Karen Gee says:

    Hi Diana
    I’m so sorry to hear this – it’s a constant fear of mine that I’ll be rendered unable to ride a bike at some point in my life (although e-assist does make things look better in the long term). I’m looking forward to hearing about the new cargo bike, when it finally arrives, and many years more of you enjoying your cycling. Karen x

  2. Kelly S says:

    I’m a firm believer that using an e-bike is still far better than using a car.
    Even if you use the e-bike on full throttle mode and don’t pedal, it’s still a bike. (Unless it’s a motorbike/scooter, that doesn’t count as a bike. I’m entirely sure where the line is between the two, but I think it’s got to do with the top speed and how much they actually look like a bike.)
    An ebike is not cheating, it’s not “giving in”, it’s doing what makes staying on a bike easier or in some cases possible at all.

    Hopefully you and your doctors will find a treatment that works for you 🙂

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