“Mummy’s gone a cycle.”

That was my daughter’s first sentence.

It was a proud moment. I was actually back from my cycle at the time so it wasn’t an entirely accurate sentence. Still, it was a good sentence.

The Mummy’s Gone A Cycle blog came about through a love of all things bike related, a love of writing, an opinionated mind, and my husband’s need for me to stop talking once in a while.

I have ridden bikes for as long as I can remember. I remember the first time I rode a bike without stabilisers (before my older brother managed it, despite what he may say). I remember the feeling of accomplishment and  freedom. Riding bikes is very much a part of who I am.

I ride a bike most days. Whether that be for transport, training or fun. As well as my hobby, cycling has become my work – both paid and voluntary. I am a Level 2 Ride Leader and a Breeze Champion, leading free rides for women in my local area (Edinburgh). I am also a Breeze Area Coordinator for Scottish Cycling and a Tutor for British Cycling. I am also a Level 2 Road Cycling Coach and run Active Cycle Coaching.

What Mummy’s Gone A Cycle is All About

Over the years my cycling has changed. Road cycling, racing, sportives, bikes as transport and family cycling, bikes for leisure, bikes for work. As Mummy’s Gone a Cycle has grown, themes have emerged which I have used to try and organise my ramblings.

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Road Cycling

Road cycling is my first love Over the years I have cycled in Majorca, Lanzarote and France. I have taken part in the Etappe Du Tour, Vatternrundan, the Raid Alpine and countless sportives. I have raced time trials, road races and criterium races. I have ridden countless miles on the roads and the turbo trainer, for health, fitness, sanity and the sheer joy of it.

Women’s Specific

Women are outnumbered by men at all levels when it comes to cycling. This is something I am passionate about addressing. I want to see more women on bikes, more women racing, more images of women on bikes wherever there are images of bikes.

Beyond women in cycling as a big concept, there are some issues which are specific to women, such as pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. We need to be prepared to talk about and address these issues.

Family Cycling

My children were born in 2012 and 2014. I remember naively thinking that my cycling wouldn’t really change when I became a parent. I was wrong.  Cycling is still something I do for myself, and even occasionally with my husband. But it is now also something I do with my children. Cycle routes have taken on a new importance for me. The school run is now part of my life, including organising a monthly bike bus. I have become a massive fan of cargo bikes and I have learnt about so many ways to carry children by bike.

Cycle Rants

Who doesn’t love a good rant now and then? Some things will always inspire a rant from me, like close passes, infrastructure which isn’t fit for purpose, nonsense about ‘road tax’ and random abuse. There are positives to rant about too. For example how increased cycling can change a whole society and how e-bikes can make cycling more accessible.


My health has always been important to me. Like many women, I have often focused on my diet and my weight; a focus which isn’t always healthy. My cycling keeps me healthy but isn’t without its challenges.


Not Always About the Bikes

I started Mummy’s Gone A Cycle with no agenda. I have always written about whatever was on my mind. Quite often that’s bikes…but apparently there is more to life. Like many parents I often talk about my children, but not always.


Hervelo group photo

The Recommended Cycle Clubs Project

The recommended Cycle Clubs Project is a work in progress and is continually added to. The project aims to showcase the amazing cycle clubs around the country (and the world) which are working hard to encourage more women into club cycling. If you are thinking of joining a club then see if there is one (or more!) in your area already in the project. If you are already a member of an amazing, friendly and welcoming club then please do join the project by completing the Recommended Club Information Sheet and returning it to me at mummysgoneacycle@gmail.com

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