Turbo Time

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  1. December 29, 2017

    […] have used a turbo trainer for a number of years and as I have said before, I have something of a love / hate relationship with it. I am about a million miles from a pro cyclist, although I have a good bit of experience in […]

  2. January 9, 2018

    […] of a speed and cadence sensor. This means that I can get all the data I love when I am on the turbo trainer. The speed and cadence sensor sensors are very easy to add. There is no lining up three different […]

  3. February 4, 2018

    […] have written before about why you might want to turbo and about what you might need to get set up on a turbo. Now it’s time to think about what […]

  4. June 19, 2020

    […] the end of 2019 I bought a new power meter, dug out my training plans, and set up my turbo. Since my aims hadn’t really changed all that much, I was just going to follow the same […]

  5. July 5, 2020

    […] on as it has been this weekend (at least in Edinburgh anyway) then I can highly recommend it as turbo training viewing. If it’s not your cup of tea but you are still keen to support women’s racing, […]

  6. July 27, 2020

    […] settle into turbo training every winter. I can list all the benefits of turbo […]

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